News feed, Highlight, Improved watchlist

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News Feed

We now do not send out email for news. Instead announcement, news, price targets, insider trades, upcoming earnings and more are available on the Feed tab. This tab makes it easy for investors to keep abreast with the latest on their portfolio.


You can now add highlight stocks. This is especially useful when used in conjunction with filter as highlights can be filtered as well. Example use case, we can add green highlight to stocks that we are prepared to buy but still waiting for the right entry. We can then use the filter (and saved screen) to bring out only these stocks for daily monitoring.

Improved Watchlist

We have added new information on watchlist: P/B, P/E, P/S, Dividend yield, and MACD. Example use case:

  1. You can filter based on these info. Eg. show only stocks in the watchlist with dividend yield > 4%. Or where MACD crossover signal line.
  2. Easily compare ratios. Eg filter only stocks in the bank industry and compare the ratios

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