Projected dividend, dividend trend, similar stocks

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Projected Dividend

Projected dividends are dividends which are not yet announced by the company. We show this in My Dividend. Now you have an estimation on how much dividends you will be receiving each month for the rest of the year. This can help in cash flow planning by providing insights into expected cash inflows so you can better manage your cash resources and plan for expenses.

Dividend Trend

Added expected next dividend payment, 5 years dividend yield and the yearly dividend chart to help you better understand a company’s historical dividend track record. Investing in stocks with consistent dividend payments can provide you with a reliable source of income. On the other hand, investing in companies that regularly increase their dividends over time provide you with inflation protection and enhancing long-term returns.

Similar Stocks & more indicators on watchlist

Added similar companies on stock page. This helps you to compare various companies in the same industry. P/E, P/B, market cap and dividend yield are readily available for easy comparison.

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