Summary Profit, Portfolio Industry breakdown, Revised Simple Template, YoY Dividend

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Summary Profit

In addition to year-by-year profit breakdown, we now also support a cumulative profit under “Summary”. This takes all transactions from past years (dividends, realised gains etc)

Industry breakdown for Your Portfolio

Industry diversification is a strategy used in portfolio management to spread investments across different sectors or industries. This diversification helps reduce risk because the performance of industries can vary.

New index

With more information on broad market. More information on the broad market will be added in the future. Also explains stockmoo features in more detail.

Simple Buy & Simple Hold Template

Template now takes stock volatility into consideration instead of stock’s investment style to become even more reliable.

Year over year Dividend Yield

Year over year breakdown of stock’s dividend yield, payout frequencies to make it easier to understand a company’s historical dividend trend.

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